Top Lists: What Matters and What Doesn’t

Otto Graham is one of the best QBs of all time

Without question, Otto Graham is one of the best QBs of all time

Here at the Daily Pigskin we encourage controversy and debate among our lists but we feel it is only fair we let you know what factors play in creating & ranking them.

  1. 1. Everything is viewed in the context of its time.  The only fair way to judge any player all time is to judge him against his peers and in the era he played.  I once saw an article by Bob Ryan where he discounted Otto Graham against Peyton Manning since Graham never threw for more than 2800 yards.  Fact of the matter is Graham won 7 titles in 10 years (reaching the championship all 10 years), was miles ahead of his era with a qb rating of 86.6, and is still the NFL’s all time leader in YPA with 9.0 (8.6 in the NFL).  Bob Ryan’s point is ignorant at best and idiotic at worst.  Everyone is always stacked against his peers during his time.
  2. Championships matter… a lot.  The only thing that is more important than winning a championship is playing well in a championship game.  Isn’t the sole reason to play sports to win at the highest level?  Do you think Dan Marino would trade his passing numbers for Terry Bradshaw’s 4 Super Wins and 100+ ratings and outstanding play in every single one of them?  If you said no you are either a Marino fan/apologist or a fool who loves statistics.
  3. We aren’t scouts at a combine.  Neither of us care that Brett Favre threw harder than anyone, that Randall Cunningham threw farther than any player, that Dan Marino had a quick release, or that Mike Vick runs like a gazelle.  Tom Brady could not have come out of college any skinnier or less athletic yet we’d hands down take Brady over any of the aforementioned guys without a shred of doubt.
  4. They obviously matter but we don’t get blown away by regular season numbers.  Is Dan Fouts an all time QB?  How about Tony Romo?  If Barry Sanders is notorious for running for 175 yards against Tampa Bay in week 4 does that equal Emmitt Smith running for 168 yards week 17 against the Giants with a separated shoulder and the NFC East on the line?  Let’s not forget the context of its time.  Chad Pennington, Daunte Culpepper, and Jeff Garcia all have a higher career passer rating than Roger Staubach but today’s game is much more passer friendly.  The short passing game has increased completion percentage and pussies like Bill Pollian have bitched their ways to rules that heavily favor an offense. Long story short, we acknowledge regular season statistics but we try to look further into the team the person played for, their respective offensive/defensive scheme, and the time frame they played in.