Super Bowl

Super Bowl QBs By The Numbers

Once again, we determine that Montana is nasty. Like you didn't know.

I thought it would be interesting to see which quarterbacks were the most effective on their path to Super Bowl glory. We’ve all heard of Montana’s game winning drive against Cincinnati, Namath’s Super Bowl guarantee, and Trent Dilfer’s uselessness. But just how well (or how poorly) did they all play en route to their Championship […]

Defense Wins Championships

Ray Lewis led the NFL's best Super Bowl defense in 2000

Surely you’ve heard the adage “Defense Wins Championships” haven’t you? Personally, I agree that in fact defense can win it for you. However, to steal a quote from the bankrupt, hooker-loving Warren Sapp, a more accurate description would be “Defense gives you a chance”. Recently, we released an article on the best Super Bowl Quarterbacks. […]