Ravens Steelers TNF Thoughts

Josh Scobee was terrible on TNF

I got two young kids so I’ve turned viewing TNF, SNF, and MNF into an art form: DVR the game with +90 minutes.  This use to be +60 but I missed Jamaal Charles fumble/TD in week 2.  How the hell is 60 mins not enough?  I don’t know. Since it’s DVR’d there’s no pressure to […]

Defense Wins Championships

Ray Lewis led the NFL's best Super Bowl defense in 2000

Surely you’ve heard the adage “Defense Wins Championships” haven’t you? Personally, I agree that in fact defense can win it for you. However, to steal a quote from the bankrupt, hooker-loving Warren Sapp, a more accurate description would be “Defense gives you a chance”. Recently, we released an article on the best Super Bowl Quarterbacks. […]