Ravens Steelers TNF Thoughts

I got two young kids so I’ve turned viewing TNF, SNF, and MNF into an art form:

  1. DVR the game with +90 minutes.  This use to be +60 but I missed Jamaal Charles fumble/TD in week 2.  How the hell is 60 mins not enough?  I don’t know.
  2. Since it’s DVR’d there’s no pressure to stay up or even watch any of the game.  I usually get to half time but not always.
  3. Before I go to bed I switch the channel to either PBS, Nick Jr, or Disney Jr (a channel that will NOT have highlights/scores scrolling, etc)
  4. I wake up and stay away from my phone.  I stay away from my laptop.  I stay away from any tv but a kids station.  If I need to drop my son off at daycare we drive in silence.  Nobody at day care has spoiled anything yet.
  5. Then I finally get to the DVR and can watch the rest of the game in 30-45 minutes.

Why am I telling you this?  Well shit, first off it’s a sweet plan but moreover, my hot takes sort of lose power on twitter since 97% of you either watch the game live or just watch the highlights the next day.  I feel writing up something for TDP is more effective.  So here are my thoughts from last night’s Baltimore – Pittsburgh game.

  • Mike Tomlin blows.  I guess if you like your coach giving rah rah crap and spitting in your face then fine but he can’t manage a game or X & O worth shit.  Yes, this loss is on Josh Scobee, I know.  If that bozo makes a kick then it’s ball game.  However in OT 4th & 2 then 4th & 1… neither play goes to Lev Bell (Bell isn’t even on the field for the first).  It was pretty clear, from the get go, that Vick and the passing game was ineffective.  With that being known (by the Ravens and everyone else in the universe) Bell couldn’t be stopped.  Just let 26 win the game for you.
  • Mike Vick blows.  How do you turn the best WR in the game (arguably, certainly top 2 IMHO) into a nonfactor?  A nice inaccurate/indecisive Vick ought to do.  Roethlisberger has missed 19 games now in his career.  I know this last injury is a bit unfair (in terms of calling him injury prone) but you know the guy takes hits and is pretty probable to miss a game or two every year.  INVEST IN A GOOD BACKUP!!!!
  • As a Patriots honk I almost always find myself rooting for the Ravens in these games.  Just something about that operation I like more.  I definitely think Harbaugh >>>>> Tomlin.  I also hate the sense of royalty the Steelers and their fans have.  We get it, you won a bunch of titles in the 1970’s.  But the NFL goes beyond the Super Bowl era.  The Packers, Giants, Bears, Browns all have more titles than you do in league history.  But do Celtics, Canadiens, and Yankees fans sit around and talk about titles from 40+ yrs ago like they do in Pitt?  Probably.  But not as much.
  • The Ravens got back into this game gashing the Steelers on the ground.  I don’t know if Kamar Aiken, Marlon Brown, and Maxx Williams are split out out wide, how are you getting gashed?  Is it just a personnel thing or is this more of dumb dumb Tomlin?
  • What a throw by Flacco to get into figgie range for the game tying kick.  Stood in the pocket, got croaked, and still delivered a seed to Aiken.  A lot of people in New England say Flacco isn’t elite.  I mean I don’t get it.  If you want to get geeked up to fantasy numbers then you won’t ever be a Flacco guy but I think he’s a helluva player.  He has that Eli Manning gene where he just isn’t phased by the moment.
  • When the Ravens faced 4th and 10 with 2:11 left part of me was thinking, if you are going to eff up this play eff it up quickly so that the two minute warning can aid you in getting the ball one more time.  I sometimes wonder if the Ravens are thinking this in any way??? Nah, they can’t be, they have to try and convert the first down, but I do think other fans thought this.  (Btw Flacco sacked at 2:04.  Run, two minute warning, run timeout, run).
  • Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeverything be said… Josh Scobee, my gahd.  They traded a 6th round pick for this guy.  I hope they don’t use that as a reason to justify holding onto him.  Steelers…. listen to me… cut bait cut bait cut bait cut bait cut bait.  Just lop it off now and move on.  I know kickers are annoying and we all hate them, etc but these lil twerps do need to come through a few times a year (at least) to get you a win.  Even if Scobee rights the ship a bit can you trust him 1% in December & January??? Hell to the no.  Move on.
  • Just to make matters worse if that clown hits either of his FG attempts then the 2015 Baltimore Ravens can RIP.  Now they play the Browns/49ers the next two weeks and likely get to 3-3.  Just brutal.
  • Lastly, Justin Tucker… boom!  THAT is what you need in a kicker.  Yes he’s still a little nerdy twerp but the season = saved.




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