Joe’s top 10 QB’s 09/17

My legion of facebook followers (who don’t have my posts blocked) know that I’d like to spit out a Joe’s top 10 QB’s from time to time.  The top 10 isn’t a lifetime achievement award nor is it a future projection.  It is a here and now, these guys are your top 10 QB’s.   Before we get to this though some thoughts after week 1.

  • All I’ve done is pimp the Vikings on this site and all preseason.  Good lord they blew Monday Night.  Bridgewater was inaccurate and AP was indecisive.
  • On the reverse side very impressive debut for the 49ers.  After enduring a brutal offseason they couldn’t have started any better.  Carlos Hyde was gashing the Vikings while Kaepernick looked improved in his decision making and accuracy.  Still think the division and conference will swallow them up though.
  • Could the Colts be any softer?  What exactly did the pundits see in this team that so many of them picked the Colts to go to the Super Bowl?  I don’t care who anyone predicts but there isn’t any sound reasoning behind picking Indy.  The defense added exactly nobody.  I think the world of Luck but the talent around him is either old or soft.  He still also turns the ball over far too much for my liking.
  • Peyton Manning is duhhhhn.  Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhn.  Sure he can manage a game and be smart as all hell but that 19-13 win wasn’t exactly game manager stuff.  His defense won that game for him, plain and simple.  This is Manning’s last season… certified, stamped, stapled, tattooed guarantee.  I read he came back to set the wins record and passing yards record.  Typical Manning.  Sweet dude, have fun with both records that you will hold for a millisecond.
  • The AFC in general doesn’t look too strong out the gate.  If I’m a Chiefs, Bills, Chargers, or Dolphins fan then it’s time to start deluding myself into outrageous expectations (in that order of justifiable delusion).
  • Time for everyone to go through all their social media quips poking fun at Tony Romo crapping the bed.  Print them off, dig a giant hole in your backyard and bury them.  Hell you should have done this two years ago.
  • I still don’t get the Chip Kelly genius stuff.
  • The Rams play the Seahawks tough but why do I feel like they will still just be 7-9 again?

Anyway let’s get cracking on QB’s…  This list is incredibly volatile and I expect it to change throughout the year. Hardest omission: Carson Palmer.  That old cruster fits Bruce Arians’ offense beautifully.  I hope he stays healthy for all 16.

10. Peyton Manning – Speaking of old crusters it’s time to acknowledge the fivehead one last time on this top 10.  I could be wrong but I think Manning’s arm is shot and he’s done.  But let’s remember just how amazing this guy was for so long.  Two of my favorite stats about Peyton Manning are that from 2003 to 2009 (7 seasons) he led the Colts to 12 or more wins.  My other favorite is that for three consecutive seasons, 2005-2007, Manning led the Colts to at least a 7-0 start.  In fact he started 05 with 13, 06 with 9, 07 with 7, and 09 with 14 wins.  Talk about making Shula and those dorks sweat.

9. Matt Ryan – Ryan has all the physical tools and can look like he’s rolling.  Then he goes and throws a brutal INT like the one he threw in the 2nd half on Monday night.  One other troubling thing… does Matt Ryan make people around him better??? Or…. did/does he enjoy throwing to Roddy White, Tony Gonzalez, and Julio Jones??? I think that’s a fair question.

8. Drew Brees – I know the Saints are retooling to some degree and wish to run the ball more but uhhh Brees tossed the rock 48 times in their loss at Arizona.  I know I know I know when you are trailing you throw more but can a tiger really lose its stripes?  I have a hard time seeing Payton & Brees changing this offense up and it makes me wonder if this could be it for Payton….

7. Philip Rivers – When Rivers gets going like he did in the 2nd half on Sunday there are few who look better.  The thing that holds him back from being higher on my list is his lack of consistency.  Rivers has led the Chargers to the playoffs just one time in the past five years going 9-7, 8-8, 7-9, 9-7, and 9-7.

6. Andrew Luck – Luck has all the tools you could ever ask for in a quarterback.  He’s big, strong, has a strong arm, amazing leadership, character up the wazoo, he’s mobile… but to me the one thing that will hold him back from being stapled into the top 2 for the next ten years is the turnovers.  Luck has averaged about an interception a game in his career and two interceptions a game in his playoff career.  As soon as Luck tightens up those numbers the sky will be the limit.

5. Russell Wilson – Tough matchup with the Rams who always play the Shawks down to the wire but I’m excited to see what Wilson can do in 2015 with Graham and Lockett.  He was my preseason selection for NFL MVP and I’m not backing down from that after one week.

4. Tony Romo – May seem a bit high but Romo has been balling.  He’s athletic as hell and has been nails in the 4th quarter.  I think it was Kerry Byrne who tweeted that Romo has 25 4th quarter comebacks while Rodgers only has 8.  Look I get it, it’s easy to see the Cowboys as a bit of a circus at times but I blame that faaaaaaaar more on Jerry Jones.  Now comes a big test without Dez for half the season.

3. Ben Roethlisberger – Even before he became a big stat guy I’ve always loved Roethlisberger’s game.  If you recall, the 1992ish to 2004 Steelers were perpetual playoff bed shitters – I don’t care how much bravado their fans have they blew so many home playoff games (AFC Championships) that it was getting embarrassing and they know it.  In reality though, they needed a guy behind center to stabilize the operation.  The Steelers historically have a strong D and running game and the addition of Roethlisberger has turned the franchise back into TRUE perenial Super Bowl threats… but… now the defense blows and it all falls on Roethlisberger.  It’ll be interesting to see how far he can lead that nasty offense in a wide open AFC.  Roethlisberger’s ceiling is definitely #1 on this list and league MVP.

2. Tom Brady – The reason 38 year old Tom Brady is still cruising and 39 year old Peyton Manning is broken down is simply that there is no nerve damage in Brady’s neck.  His arm strength is about 90% of what it was in his prime while Manning’s is probably about 40%.  A pissed off Brady and Belichick are probably going to run up scores and hand Brady another statistically ridiculous season.  As long as Gronkowski is healthy there is virtually no cap to what Brady will do this year.

1. Aaron Rodgers – Easily #1 on this list.  Enjoy this highlight from last year that I have watched 76,493 times.





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